This award-winning coffee machine brings barista-level brewing to your home for under $75

This award-winning coffee machine brings barista-level brewing to your home for under $75

November 6, 2019

TLDR: The Wilfa Precision Automatic Coffee Maker is state-of-the-art coffee technology, now with an added $10 price drop.

Whether you’re pour-over person or French press fanatic, the coffee-making process is pretty straightforward and requires just three ingredients: beans, hot water, and time. But, as with nearly everything else, technology has upended even the time-tested process of brewing beans in hot water.

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The folks at Wilfa used newly discovered tech innovations to unearth untapped levels of precision and consistency in the fine art of coffee brewing. Their work led to the Red Dot Award-winning Precision Automatic Coffee Maker, a brew system that looks gorgeous, knocks out perfectly brewed coffee every time — and right now, is available with an extra $10 price drop down to $74.99, an almost 80 percent savings from TNW Deals.

Wilfa started in Norway, a proven coffee-mad nation for decades. And the first thing you’ll notice is that the Precision doesn’t look like any coffee machine you’ve ever had. While it’s undoubtedly a sleek, elegant addition to your countertop, this unit means serious business.

From its detachable water tank, this machine’s precise heating system delivers water at between 197 to 205 degrees during the entire coffee brewing process. If you follow the Precision’s clearly marked measurements for freshly ground coffee and fresh water, you’ll hit a perfect water to coffee ratio every time you brew, resulting in the perfect cup every time.

Regularly, the Precision is priced at $349.99, but after the TNW Deals discount plus the limited time additional $10 price drop, you can get one now for only $74.99. Or spurge on the silver aluminum edition that’s an extra $15 off, down to just $84.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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