Horrible Chinese game asks players to beat up Hong Kong protestors

Horrible Chinese game asks players to beat up Hong Kong protestors

December 6, 2019

There have been plenty of games and apps that have sprung up as a result of Hong Kong protests. Now, a rather distasteful game called Everyone Hit the Traitors is being circulated in China, Abacus reports.

The propaganda game lets you hit black-clad Hong Kong protestors with a bat – almost like whack-a-mole. The objective is to stop the bunch of protestors from cross the line. The game is set up on a Hong Kong street and it initially tells you a number of “traitors” are conspiring with western powers in form of a protest.

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The free-to-play web game also portrays some famous characters such as activist Joshua Wong, media personality Jimmy Lai, and former chief secretary Anson Chan. 


Abacus’ report also notes the title screen contains the text “Hong Kong is part of China, and this can’t be meddled with by outside powers.”

Chinese publication Global Times notes the game is already doing rounds on social media platforms such as WeChat, Weibo, and Zhihu.

The gaming community has been marred with controversy regarding the Hong Kong protest. In October, Blizzard banned a Hearthstone player called Blitzchung expressed his support for the Hong Kong protest. Folks on Reddit also turned a Chinese overwatch character Mei into a symbol for the protests. 

Last month, developers built a VR game that allowed you to experience the movement by trying to dodge bullets and tear gas canisters. Another text-based role-playing game (RPG), lets you experience these tough times as a Hong Kong resident. However, the latest game coming out of China is in bad taste and it aims to dehumanize protestors.

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